How to Use VPN on Netgear Router: The Ultimate Guide

Samuel Wheeler / November 20, 2020

Despite the fact that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be run directly from a mobile device or a PC, […]


[Resolved] YouTube Not Working Correctly With Netgear WiFi Router

Samuel Wheeler / October 30, 2020

YouTube not working even after setting up your Netgear WiFi router correctly? Unable to stream YouTube videos? If you nod […]

Access Netgear Router

How to Access Netgear Router Using Google Assistant

Samuel Wheeler / October 16, 2020

Is your home actually smart? Well, let us tell you that over 60 million people use a virtual assistant for […]

How to Set up Netgear DDNS Account on Nighthawk WiFi Router

How to Set up Netgear DDNS Account on Nighthawk WiFi Router

Samuel Wheeler / September 21, 2020

Wondering how to set up a Netgear DDNS account on your Nighthawk router? Well, wonder no more! We are here […]

Router not Connecting

Router not Connecting to Internet? Here’s the Fix

Samuel Wheeler / July 15, 2019

Have you set up your Netgear wireless router successfully but still it is not connecting to the internet? Well, there […]

Netgear Nighthawk App

How to Set up Guest WiFi Using Netgear Nighthawk App

Samuel Wheeler / May 31, 2019

There are times when your guests ask to connect to your home WiFi network for logging into their social media […]

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