Samuel Wheeler / June 19, 2020
Router Blocks Netflix

Fixed: Netgear Router Blocks Netflix on Smart TV and PS4

Picture this: you switch on a beautiful new HD television and sit on a couch, all set to stream your favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix. You press the start button and the movie starts loading…and loading…and loading. As soon as it gets started, you may experience sudden freeze-frames or glitches in playback which kill the momentum of an important scene. All such frustrating problems are generally not the fault of your A/V gear, they are common side effects of an overloaded and inadequate internet connection. In most cases, your Netgear router blocks Netflix on smart TV and PS4.

Here are some easy workarounds to help you resolve Netflix streaming problems on your smart device. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Troubleshooting Tactics to Fix Netgear Router Blocks Netflix

1. Check Your Connections

Firstly, make sure to check the connections between your Netgear router and smart device. Chances are you are using a damaged Ethernet cable or congested WiFi network.

In case of a WiFi connection, keep in mind that you don’t connect to a neighboring or public network. Use a less congested and speedy WiFi network to connect to your device. On the other hand, if you are using wired connections, ensure that the wire doesn’t have any cuts in it.

2. Power-cycle Your Netgear Router

Power-cycling your home WiFi Netgear router is the simplest way to resolve the issue. Plug out your router from the electrical outlet and let it take rest for some time.

Once done, plug it back into a wall socket and power it on. Also, make sure that the Netgear wireless router is receiving proper power supply from the wall plug.

3. Check Your Internet Speed

Another possible reason behind this problem is that your internet connection is not working up to the mark. For this, run a speed test for your internet connection.

Open a web browser and try accessing routerlogin web page. If it opens properly, it means your internet speed is good. Or else, reboot your internet connection and try again.

4. Reboot Your Smart TV and PS4

Disconnect your smart TV and PS4 from the home Netgear WiFi router and unplug them from the wall socket. Once done, wait for some time. Now, plug in your smart TV and PS4 to a power socket and connect them to your home WiFi connection.

5. Update Firmware on Your Router

An outdated firmware version can also result in Netgear router blocks Netflix on smart TV and PS4 issue. So, always remember to use the latest version on your Netgear WiFi router.

To perform Netgear router update, go to the default login web page and enter the username and password into the given fields. Once done, click on the Firmware Update button. Let the router update its firmware. Afterward, restart your router and stream Netflix on your smart device.

6. Reset Your Netgear Router

If you are still facing the same issue, reset your Netgear WiFi router as a last resort. Restore all the default factory settings on your router and reconnect it to your smart device. To do so, press the reset button on your Netgear wireless router. After that, restart the router.

These steps might help you troubleshoot the Netflix streaming problems on your smart TV and PS4. In case still your Netgear router blocks Netflix, reach out to our proficient experts immediately via chat or email and get the issue resolved within minutes.

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