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How to Change WiFi Name and Password with IP Address

Your Netgear wireless router comes with a default WiFi name and password. Mostly, both of them are printed over the router’s back or the bottom case itself. Changing the WiFi network name and password gives you an opportunity to use something more customized than the default one. To do so, all you need to access your Netgear router setup interface with a miniature IP address

You don’t like your WiFi name and password that your Netgear router came with, so now you can change them with three unique steps which include default IP address method and in just a few clicks.

For this particular Netgear router access, firstly you need to find the Netgear router IP address on your local area network. Here’s how we go with the first step for the change of wi-fi name & password.

Step One: Search for Your Netgear Router IP Address

Netgear provides a web-based routerlogin setup interface that you can easily access via your browser just by typing the router’s local IP in the URL or address bar.

Important Note: Some Netgear router’s models provide a slight different routerlogin setup interface. So to be sure always check the specific guidelines as per your Netgear router model.

The probability is quite high that all you will need to use any web browser to access your Netgear wireless router device.

  • On any version of Windows, the quickest way is to find your router’s information can be extracted from Command Prompt. To open it, just press Windows + R key and type “cmd” and hit Enter key.
  • At the command prompt, all you need to type the ipconfig and then press the Enter key. In the results, you find the section displaying your current network connection. The Netgear router’s IP address will visible in front of the default Gateway entry.

If you face any trouble throughout the whole process, just get in touch with our technical experts via chat or email.

  • In the MAC operating system, tap on the Apple menu and then choose “System Preferences”. In the system preferences windows option, tap on the “Network” icon and choice your Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, and then tap on “Advanced”.
  • Change to the TCP/IP tab and search for the router’s address present at the right of the router option. Here the step one is complete. So it’s time to move a step ahead towards the web interface access.

Step Two: Access your Netgear Router Setup Interface

Now next, you’ll need to access your router login setup interface. Open up any of your preferred web browsers, type the Netgear router’s IP address that you found in the CMD box, and then press the Enter key.

  • Enter the router’s default username and password to log in to router setup web interface.
  • If you are not sure regarding the username and password, you can either find the default username and password at the back or bottom of the Netgear router or you can easily find it out in the user manual, that you might receive within the package box only, the time you purchased the device.

So now once you have successfully logged in to your Netgear device, so now it’s time to change the WiFi name and password.

Step Three: Change The WiFi Name and Password Key

Once you have logged in the router successfully, search for the Wi-Fi settings. Depending on your Netgear router’s model you may find named something like “Wireless” or “Wireless Networks”.

Now you will find the named something like “SSID” or “Network Name” as per the model it can vary. It means the same thing, so just mention your desire WiFi name and click on the apply button.

For changing password, look for something named like “passphrase”, “wireless key”, “password”, or “WPA-PSK key”. It also depends on the router model. Now just mention any of your desire passwords but make sure it fairly long and holds the combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Once the password is set. Just click on the Apply or Save button to finalize the complete configuration settings.

We hope with this our particular blog section, we are able to justify with all your queries regarding the change in WiFi network name and passphrase key. Somehow if you still find any trouble regarding the Netgear router device, get in touch with our experts now via chat or email.

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